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This is My Story

I was born and raised in Kiel, coming from a working-class family, and attended school in the shipyard workers’ quarter. Surrounded by diverse individuals, I was exposed to different perspectives early on, which led me to question my own. Following the traditional path, I trained as a real estate agent and spent five years in the industry. By my late 20s, everything seemed to be going well, but deep down, I wasn’t truly happy.

Realizing the need for a change, I made the courageous decision to turn my life upside down and start anew. This journey led me to discover entirely new worlds and perspectives. Although it involved significant renunciations and sacrifices from the viewpoint of my previous life, it brought genuine happiness.

Today, I couldn’t be more grateful that I embarked on that transformative journey. I have found a profession that aligns with my personal experiences, talents, strengths, and passions, leading me to a fulfilling life.

If you too desire to change something in your life or simply readjust your course, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and schedule a free introductory call. Taking the first step is truly worth it to set yourself on the right path.


B.A. in Social Work | Kiel University of Applied Sciences
09/2013 - 10/2016
M.A. in Migration & Diversity | Christian-Albrechts-University, Kiel
10/2016 - heute
Certified Child Protection Specialist | Pädiko Academy, Kiel
Certified Systemic Counselor (DGSF) | Hamburg Institute for Systemic Further Education, Kiel
05/2019 - 09/2021
Certified Systemic Coach (DGSF) | Society for Systemic Therapy and Counseling, Berlin
05/2022 - 05/2024
Certified Systemic Supervisor (DGSF) - Society for Systemic Therapy and Counseling, Berlin
05/2022 - 05/2024



Real Estate Agent

Pirelli Real Estate

Coach for Communication and Sales

Capita Customer Service


PROvention - Counseling Center on religiously motivated extremism

Expert on religiously motivated extremism

National Committe on religiously motivated extremism


Veritas - Counseling Center on Conspiracy Theories


Axel Schurbohm Coaching

Working Group Lead for Families, Communities and Social Care

European Commission - Radicalisation Awareness Network


Cooperation between civil society and security authorities from a civil society perspective (2023)

Schurbohm, Axel; Meilicke, Tobias

In: Deradicalization and distancing in the field of Islamist extremism.

Cross-Phenomenon Work in Extremism Prevention. Chances and limits of a “new” approach (2022)

Schurbohm, Axel; Hamm, Rüdiger José

In: Competence Network “Islamist Extremism” (KN:IX). Challenges, needs, and trends in the thematic field. Report 2022

A civil society perspective on cooperation with security agencies. Attitudes, structures, legal framework (2021)

Schurbohm, Axel; Oehlmann, Jamuna

In: Ligante. Expert debates from prevention work. Issue #4.

Children in extremist families. Legal aspects for counselors with regard to child welfare and child endangerment (2021)

Schurbohm, Axel; Kim Lisa Becker

In: Deradicalization and distancing work. Companion book for the qualification course “(Social) Counseling in the field of Islamist-inspired extremism.” Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

The narrative of performance equity. Effects of social inequality on educational (mis)success (2020)

Schurbohm, Axel

In: Ligante. Expert debates from prevention work. Issue #3.

Moderation of events & conferences (selection)

  • Panel discussion “Challenges in deradicalization work – civil society and law enforcement in dialogue” (Berlin: 03/2023)
  • Symposium “Radicalization Prevention in the Context of Social Polarizations” (Kassel: 09/2022)
  • Symposium “Professionalization of Systemic Deradicalization and Distancing Work” (Bochum: 09/2022)
  • Policy and press conference “Dealing with returnees from the so-called Islamic State” (Berlin: 11/2021)
  • Symposium “SCHNITT:STELLEN – Insights from research and counseling practice in the field of Islamism” (Berlin/Nürnberg: 04/2021)
  • Symposium “Radicalization Factor Social Inequality?” (Berlin: 10/2020)